How many Kmarts are left in the United States?

This list was initially compiled in May 2020 utilizing Kmart’s online store directory and then doing research through various news reports, phone calls to stores and message boards to verify the number of stores remaining open. We stand by the accuracy of this list recently cited in Forbes.

Is Kmart Bankrupt? Does Kmart still exist?

Kmart initially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 22, 2002. Kmart was then merged with Sears after buying out the company for $11 billion in November 2004 and became known as Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears Holdings declared bankruptcy in October 2018. The remaining Kmart imprint was later sold to Transform Co in February 2019 and since the stores have continued to close, leaving only 7 Kmart stores remaining with 1 in the process of liquidating to soon make it a total of 6 stores. With so few left, you may be wondering, is there a Kmart near me still open? Check below to see:

A Kmart location in Hagerstown, Maryland nearing its final day, December 2019. Photo by BroStocks Media.

Full List of Remaining Kmart Stores still open in the U.S. in 2023

Are there any Kmarts near me?
As of October 4, 2023 there are only 6 remaining US Kmart store locations still open with only 2 in the contiguous United States.

Kmart locations below:

Miami (Store visit video)


New York

Virgin Islands
St. Croix – Sunny Isles Shopping Center
St. Thomas
St. Thomas – Tutu Park Mall

Stores that have closed in 2023:

Westwood, New Jersey (9/30) (Store Visit post)
St. Croix – Frederiksted

Stores that have closed in 2022:

Key West, Florida (3/6)
Hamilton, Montana (3/6)
Avenel, New Jersey (4/16) (Store Visit post)
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico (10/15, article)

Stores that have closed in 2021:

Big Bear Lake, California
Costa Mesa, California
Freedom, California
Grass Valley, California (12/19)
Long Beach, California
South Lake Tahoe, California
Key Largo, Florida
Marathon, Florida
Silver Spring, Maryland
Hyannis, Massachusetts
Marshall, Michigan (11/21)
Belleville, New Jersey
Kearny, New Jersey
Bronx (NYC, Baychester Avenue), New York
Bronx (NYC, Bruckner Boulevard), New York (10/3)
Brooklyn (NYC), New York (11/24) (Kmart store within a store concept location)
Manhattan, New York (Astor Place)

White Plains, New York
Kingston, Pennsylvania
Willow Street, Pennsylvania
Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Rio Piedra, Puerto Rico


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Kmart, Avenel, NJ 2022 Store Visit
Kmart, Westwood, NJ 2023 Store Visit


10 thoughts on “How many Kmarts are left in the United States?

  1. I am from San Antonio Texas my name is Julian Ramirez I was a store director at a super Kmart store here in San Antonio Texas it brings tears to my eyes I work for Kmart for more than 15 years.and I was very proud of everyone who work with me and of course the CEO of the company when I was store director I meant a lot of beautiful human beings as well as loyal customers. They will never be another store as Kmart was one of a kind super Kmart was the best. When we close our store many of us went into a deep depression. Due to the fact that everyone that worked at the store was like family. After 15 years of dedication and 28 *as a Sherman award and 19 * employee of the year. I can honestly say that it affected me really bad at the age of 57. I wish I could turn time back I love you super Kmart and Kmart around the world.

  2. My mother worked for both Sears and K-Mart in the 60’s and 70’s in central Florida. She stated that there was both good and bad aspects for both companies. Not too long ago we spoke and the similarities that exist today we’re not much different than then. The retail industry has refused for numerous decades twas slow to react to changing times. When they did attempt to correct it was too little too late. The greatest factor was the mall concept, overhead became so high that consumers had to find other ways to stretch their dollars. Additionally, the malls became a refuge for the gang bangers. Once people stopped feeling safe they began to retreat to independent stores. Prices were slightly lower, less hassles with people, generally local i.e. Walk, ride bike, in a 1/2 hour or less.
    Yes, the Mall Concept has come to an end. Everything for the most part can be bought on line. Another words (do it yourself), no sales person, easier returns, etc. etc.
    More stores are slated to close in the next few years. Those that rely heavily on tourism are harder hit than those that have an industrial, business, and tourism based economy. Florida and Hawaii come to mind as the majority of their economies is based mostly on tourism. I have lived in Florida for over 60 years and this is the worst I have seen. Friends and acquaintances some of which have 20 and 25 years in the entertainment field, Disney, Sea World, Universal have been let go with very little chance of reemployment. The cruise ship industry keeps pushing back when they will start cruises (now maybe summer 2021).
    For those of you thinking about moving to Florida, don’t. There are no jobs. The regional malls in smaller cities and towns have been especially hit hard. Where there were 3 or 4 anchors there is only 1. Numerous larger cities are also down to 1 or 2 anchors as well. Some people have been waiting almost a year to get their unemployment benefits. Several companies are saying a new round of retail store closures will hit by summer. Florida just added another Sears Store to the list. I also, have heard talk of another K-Mart. This will leave only 4 Sears and 3 K-Marts left in Florida. Likewise the Sears Hometown Stores are down to just 8 in the state.

  3. The Kmart stores in Hamilton, MT and Key West, FL are being liquidated. Apparently, the Hamilton store is going to close in March 2022 and the Key West store will likely close around that time too. That would leave 4 Kmarts left in the 50 states.

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