Kmart, Westwood Plaza, Westwood, New Jersey (one of three in lower 48 USA)

The Westwood Kmart, located at 700 Broadway in Westwood, New Jersey in the northern part of the state opened in the Fall of 1982. The early 80’s was a bit of a heyday for Kmart as they were the second largest retailer in the United States with once around 2,400 stores, second only to Sears.

According to local publications, the development of the Westwood plaza and this Kmart was fraught with controversy, the project was conceptualized in 1973, but local residents, the Borough Council and Chamber of Commerce all opposed the development worrying about its potential impact on traffic and local businesses. The matter actually was settled by the State Supreme Court allowing the plaza to eventually be built.

Our visit to this store was in late July 2023, and just a week after it was announced this store would be closing permanently, the last Kmart in New Jersey and one of only three in the lower 48 states will soon be gone leaving only the Miami, Florida area Kmart and the Bridgehampton, New York locations as the last two as well as the few in Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Enjoy our below video tour of our July 2023 visit to this Kmart, just before its liquidation began. The store is set to close permanently on September 30, 2023.

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