How Many Sears Stores Are Left?

This piece is a continuation on our series keeping tabs on classic retail chains as they, unfortunately, fade into the rearview.

This list is solely for full-line Sears stores, Sears Grand, Sears Appliance & Mattress, and Sears Home Life stores. This list does not include the typically owner operated Sears Hometown Stores. As we noted in our similar post about the remaining Kmarts in the United States, after Sears Holdings Corporation emerged from bankruptcy as Transform Co, they’ve continued to close stores rapidly. You may wonder, is there still a Sears near me?

As of November 28, 2021 there are 26 of these Sears stores remaining, but we note below the ones soon closing and will work to keep this list maintained rapidly as closures happen. There are currently seven stores that will be closing permanently soon. The inspiration of this post originally came from Reddit, but we verified all of the information from this post independently.

Full list of remaining Sears stores in the United States

All stores listed are full-line Sears stores unless otherwise noted in parentheses.

Anchorage (Home & Life store)


Fort Collins (Sears Appliance)

Fort Lauderdale
Miami – Coral Gables
Palm Beach Gardens

Honolulu (Appliance & Mattress)

Overland Park (Home & Life)

Lafayette (Home & Life)

Frederick (Store visit post)


New Jersey
Jersey City

New York

North Carolina
Greensboro (Store visit post)

Camp Hill (Appliance & Mattress)
Willow Grove

Puerto Rico
Naranjito (Closing permanently soon)
San Juan

El Paso
Pharr (Appliance & Mattress)

Union Gap

Recent closures:

Boyle Heights, CA
Clovis, CA
Downey, CA (11/14)
Long Beach, CA
Los Altos, CA
Orange, CA
Pasadena, CA (11/14)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Sears Grand)
Sacramento, CA
Thornton, CO (Sears Grand)
Brandon, FL
Key Largo, FL
Marathon, FL
Merritt Island, FL
Aiea, HI
Hilo, HI
Kahului Maui, HI
Chicago Ridge, IL
Schaumburg, IL (11/14)
Baton Rouge, LA
Brockton, MA
Marlborough, MA
North Attleboro, MA
Silver Spring, MD
Grandville, MI
Westland, MI
Raleigh, NC (10/10)
Brooklyn, NY (11/24)
Massapequa, NY (10/3)
Harrisburg, PA (11/14)
Media, PA
Carolina, PR
Caugez, PR
Mayaguez, PR
Raleigh, NC
Valley Stream, NY
Mesquite, TX
Dulles, VA


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Sears, Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick, MD (visit)
Sears at Christmas in 2019


27 thoughts on “How Many Sears Stores Are Left?

  1. It is terrible that a company that has been around for a very long time has to happen this. I had a retiree from Sears after 43 years of service.

  2. Hatillo, PR, should be shown as “Closing permanently soon”, and Naranjito, PR, should be shown as a small-format store.

  3. I spent 8 memorable years working with some fantastic people in four locations. Thanks for the memories, Sears! You are already missed. Not a single store left in Ohio.

  4. Sears should start with smaller retail space, like when they first started retail and get away from the malls, also offer locker pickup or smaller location pickup for online. Sears is an excellent high quality store and products last for years. I believe the trend now is smaller, not big malls, online buying or smaller spaces where people can walk in and buy. Appliance at Sears is great but they should allow a selection of local appliance people that can install this will make it more competitive for repair people to get the business and better consumer service; since there were many complaints; I agree often they would be paid by sears for coming out but poor workmanship or none at all. Walmart is big but simple, people go to Walmart specifically to that store not in a Mall, walk in and buy and out!. I believe Sears can come back, older generation do not like the crowded malls and the slippery marble floors etc., and the young people are too busy with career and families they want to walk in get whatever they are buying and out the door, not like the 1970’s thru the 1990’s were people went to relax, walk or social hour.

  5. Victims of there own successes and could not envision the need for stand alone locations and small catalog appliances TV type stores (1973 I was MGR of such a profitable store and had to close because HQ decided to expand mall stores).
    Also HQ would not recognize Walmart as a real competitor at that point in time. Would not listen to field input. Very sad tail!

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