Too Many Recession Signs, A Netflix Surprise, An end to Crypto winter? – BroStocks Weekly Roundup – 10/21/2022

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Personal Finance

With Grocery Inflation Showing No Signs of Slowing, More Consumers Are Buying Less (Morning Consult)
With the talk of an imminent recession heating up, this Morning Consult piece notes that American adults already cutting back. In their latest survey, 82% of Americans state they at least sometimes made an effort to save on groceries in the last month due to inflation. Related: USA Today Money offers tips on how to save on groceries.

Will there be a big real estate buying opportunity with this recession? Maybe not… (Money Wise)
For those of us who dealt with the pain of the 2008 recession and constant headlines about home foreclosures…there’s a tendency to think that maybe a silver lining of the current doom and gloom forecasts for the economy ahead could mean amazing deals on real estate. This article pours a little cold water on this theory.

A Recession May Just Prove To Be A Great Opportunity For Real Estate Investment (Benzinga)
For the sake of equal time, here’s a piece that makes the opposite case…

Inflation Forces Over Half of Americans to Consider Second Jobs (Bloomberg)
You know…just in case we didn’t make you gloomy enough yet…

Buy I bonds now to lock in a record 9.62% for 6 months. On Nov. 1, the rate drops to 6.48% (USA Today)
But…one way to benefit from inflation is to buy yourself a savings bond. This USA Today piece specifically talks about the 9% interest I-Bond. Full disclosure, I purchased one earlier this year.

‘It was tough, scary times’: Baby-boomer financial experts who lived through the Great Inflation recount ways to ride out a recession (Money Wise)
Get ready. It’s coming. Get some tips on how to survive it.


What are dividends? How they work and key terms you need to know before investing (Fortune)
Fortune offers a nice crash course on dividends.

Netflix Gains 2.4 Million New Subscribers, Reversing Trend (Wall Street Journal)
Netflix was getting beat up pretty bad earlier this year. But this week, it’s flexing back. More subscribers plans to add cheaper ad-supported plans. Could this be the revival the OG streaming service needs?

Tesla (TSLA) Pulls Off 7th Consecutive Beat in Q3 Earnings (NASDAQ)
The impressive hot streak roars on for Tesla…


The Ethereum Killers Are All Zombies Now (Coindesk)
A bull opinion case for Ethereum that calls out the doubters for being wrong. This newsletter author who bought in big on Ethereum certainly hopes they are right! 

Crypto Winter coming to its end? (Fortune)
What can we say other than…we hope they’re right!

Life at Work

Report finds more women leaders are leaving their jobs. Here’s why. (USA Today)
Many women are fed up with workplace culture and double standards. This article offers interesting insight.

Retail & Commerce

U.S. retailers fill store shelves with leftover holiday inventory (Reuters)
Get all the best deals…on last year’s goods.

Caesars and SL Green announce bid to develop Times Square casino (Gambling Insider)
Blackjack in Times Square? I mean really, why the heck not?

Sears Just Closed Its Last Locations in These States (Best Life)
Best Life talks the latest on Sears closures, nd cites our BroStocks Sears store list.

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