(Abandoned) Sears, Lincoln Park Shopping Center, Lincoln Park, Michigan.

The Sears in Lincoln Park, Michigan opened in 1957 and was an iconic staple of this greater Detroit Suburb. The shopping center plaza was even the site of an election campaign rally for then President Ronald Reagan in 1984. The Sears was surrounded by numerous stores in the larger shopping center. However, after years of decline, the rest of the shopping center that linked to the Sears via a covered walkway was demolished in 2018.

Postcard from the early days of Sears, Lincoln Park, MI.

The Sears remained open for just under a year after all the stores around it were demolished. However, when Sears eventually announced its bankruptcy in October 2018, the Lincoln Park location was included in a new round of closures. The store officially closed in January 2019.

We stumbled upon this abandoned Sears store when I was travelling randomly through the state of Michigan and I was immediately struck by that iconic Sears water tower. I knew I had to get a walkthrough of the area as it was such a cool looking space. This is actually my first video of an abandoned Sears, so I hope you enjoy this video of the grounds around the abandoned Sears in Lincoln Park, Michigan in the video below.


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