Sears, Friendly Center, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Update: This store closed permanently on May 28, 2023.

A video with some footage of our April 2021 visit to Sears in Greensboro, NC.

This piece is the second in our series from visiting various remaining open Sears locations across the United States. We started with Frederick, Maryland and now we go south. The Sears at the Friendly Center in Greensboro, North Carolina is one of less than 30 remaining Sears stores. It is also the last Sears store in the state of North Carolina. We stopped by to check it out in April 2021. The store was better stocked and seemed to have more employees than other Sears locations. Some locations we have visited in 2021 are completely dead with few employees or customers. However, I’d characterize this location as having a little more life, albeit still a Sears stores where the struggle is evidenced by some sections being closed off or lacking inventory. Watch the video above to see more of this Sears from our visit and check out some photos below.

The Sears in Greensboro, NC in the Friendly Center, located next to a Whole Foods. Photos in this post: Brostocks Media.
The Sears Plaza signage. The Auto Center is closed and any signs of Lands’ End within the Sears is nonexistent.
Pool anyone?
An abandoned section of the store.
Another abandoned section of the store.
The closed Auto Center.


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