Sears, The Florida Mall, Orlando, Florida.

The Sears in the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida is one of only three remaining Sears stores in the state of Florida. With three remaining full line Sears stores, Florida is the state with the second most Sears stores remaining, second to only California with four. When we visited the Orlando, Florida Sears in April 2022, it was great to see a fully operational two story Sears store that had specialized beachy type stuff in stock and a true Florida feel. One interesting thing this store had was a dedicated watch repair shop inside the store. There was also an interesting section of dead stock sports apparel on deep clearance mostly from sports teams distant from Florida such as Ohio, Minnesota and California teams. Some of the apparel even had Kmart tags which suggests it is inventory that moved from other closed stores.

The Sears as seen inside the Florida Mall.

The single level Florida Mall, with the exception of Sears being two floors, opened on March 12, 1986. Other than the JCPenney, it is the only other original anchor tenant. The Florida Mall itself was a very vibrant and busy mall. However, like all Sears mall stores, there was less traffic in the Sears than the rest of the mall overall.

The shirt is for Russell Westbrook, who left the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019.
A fully functioning jewelry and watch service at the Sears.

Watch and enjoy our walk through of one of the very few remaining full line Sears stores in the United States…


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