Sam Bankman-Fried Apology Tour. Musk and Cook squash the beef…and free McDonald’s for life? – BroStocks Weekly Roundup – 12/2/2022

We are back after a holiday break and with another week that has not disappointed! Sam Bankman-Fried begins a stunning media apology tour. Musk and Cook squash the beef. The US Labor Market remains stubbornly strong…and now you can get a card to McDonald’s for life?!

Stocks & Economy

November Employment Report Shows U.S. Economy Added 263,000 Jobs(Wall Street Journal)
The drum beats for the economic downturn have been roaring for what feels like an eternity, but one thing remains stubbornly reliable…growth in the US job market. The Labor Department just announced the US economy added 263,000 jobs in November as a stunningly low 3.7% unemployment rate remains.

Elon Musk says Apple ‘misunderstanding’ resolved, thanks Tim Cook for campus tour(MarketWatch)
The week began with Musk expressing concern that Apple would remove Twitter from the App store. Now, it appears the tech titans have squashed the beef.

Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: Which home improvement retailer is a better buy?(The Motley Fool)
Two powerhouse building retailers. Which is the better buy? Motley Fool explores. 

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew explains how US data will be kept out of China(The Verge)
TikTok’s CEO gives a rare public appearance as the popular app begins its damage control as privacy and security concerns ramp up in the United States.

Personal Finance

US gas prices plunge as Americans get much-needed relief at the pump ahead of the holidays(USA Today)
Gas to under $3 a gallon by Christmas? Maybe not that low but some experts expect gas prices to continue to decline…at least temporarily.

Housing market has ‘further to fall’ as buyers walk away and sellers scramble for profit(USA Today)
It’s also a trend in the housing market as it is a terrible time to be a seller…

World’s most expensive cities: New York and Singapore top list(BBC)


‘I’m not like Bernie Madoff’, claims FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried(The Telegraph)
SBF has begun the media tour, and if you haven’t watched the full interview with Andrew Ross-Sorkin we highly recommend it.

Billionaire Bill Ackman and Kevin O’Leary think FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried is telling ‘the truth’ about being unaware of major problems at his failed crypto exchange(Fortune)
Very few people remain in SBF’s corner, but at least he’s got Mr. Wonderful!

U.S. CFTC head urges Congress to act fast on crypto regulation(Reuters)
Congress began hearings this week on crypto regulation as the FTX fallout begins a new reality.

What Will Happen to Bitcoin in the Next Decade?(Investopedia)

Life & Work

‘I wish someone had warned me not to take my current job.’ 1 in 5 employees now reports being ‘miserable’ at work. (MarketWatch)
Job unhappiness at an all-time high…

Retail & Commerce

McDonald’s Gold Card: The Mysterious Piece of Plastic That Gets You Food for Life(Kiplinger)
You can win free McDonald’s for life if you get the app and sign up for their rewards program between December 5-25…

Sears on Black Friday 2022(BroStocks)
We visited Sears on Black Friday to see what the storied and dying retailer looks like in 2022.

Walgreens debuts round-the-clock delivery service(USA Today)
Walgreens is rolling out a test 24-7 delivery service in 400 stores for all of the essential staples such as cold medicine, cleaning supplies, groceries and other items they sell.

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