Sears, Francis Scott Key Mall, Frederick, Maryland.

Update: scroll to the bottom for our updated 2022 visit video! Better quality shot, but not much has changed in the store…

The Sears in the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick, Maryland is one of less than 30 remaining Sears stores. It is also the last Sears store in the state of Maryland. We stopped by to check it out in April 2021 and as you can imagine, it wasn’t what you’d call ‘packed’ with customers. Many of the shelves were empty and several sections were closed off.

Bare shelves…

The auto center at the Frederick Sears closed in late 2020. We arrived to the store near closing time so we did not get the time to walk through the whole mall, but from the looks of it, it seemed the mall itself was rather dead.

Indoor entrance.

It’s hard to tell how long this store will last, but we certainly appreciated the opportunity to see a rare open full-line mall Sears location.

More empty shelves

We will update this post if we are able to make another trip at some point in the future.


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