Mercari Support: How to Contact Mercari If You Have a Problem

Mercari, the Japanese selling app started in February 2013, is an easy, fun and fast way to buy and sell goods. It’s a well run app that is incredibly user friendly. However, like any other service, sometimes you need a little help to navigate any potential problems.

How to Contact Mercari

Mercari Customer Support: Best Contact Methods at a Glance
1.Website: Click through the prompts on their Help Center until it takes you to a contact form:
2. App: Click “Help Center” in the app, go through prompts until it directs you to a contact form.
3. Phone number: 888-325-2168
4. Email:
5. Twitter: @mercari_app
6. Live chat: Mercari has no live chat support at this time.

Mercari is pretty impressive in that it’s designed to self-regulate and doesn’t often merit the intervention of a human being. I have been selling very regularly on Mercari since 2017 and from what I can recall I’ve only had to contact customer support twice.

I can specifically recall utilizing their telephone support. I do remember being on hold roughly 10-15 minutes but once I was able to speak with someone we were able to resolve my issue in five minutes and the person was extremely helpful. Again, you can call Mercari’s support at 888-325-2168.

In the other instance, I utilized the help center. It is housed within the app. Like many other digital apps, they heavily encourage you to try to find the answer to your question within their different frequently asked question categories. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and it will say: “Need more help?” and you can click the square that says “Contact us.” It will again try to get you to narrow down the scope of your problem and then have you complete a contact form.

Image of the Mercari Help Center in the iOS app.

Mercari also has an e-mail address of, but I would recommend doing the in app Help Center or Help Center on the web. When you utilize their Help Center, it gives you the option to click on the specific item transaction you are having an issue with giving the customer service representative easier contextual understanding of your problem. Additionally, as stated earlier in their piece, in my one experience of doing so, the telephone customer service was a solid option as well.

How long does Mercari support take to respond?

When setting up a support ticket or doing a customer service inquiry with Mercari, they state that their response time can take up to 24 hours. When I made a Help Center inquiry with Mercari in summer 2019, they responded very quickly, basically within two hours.

Is Mercari customer support reliable?

Here at BroStocks, we’ve had great customer service experience with Mercari. What about you? Feel free to leave any additional questions or share your Mercari customer service experience in the comments or e-mail


8 thoughts on “Mercari Support: How to Contact Mercari If You Have a Problem

  1. Still waitingthe resolution of
    Order ID: m27360487971
    Mrs Sweatpants ZEROXPOSUR 3 Xl have absolutely no use for. I ordered a Exlarge
    What’s going on!
    Completely disappointed customer. You have lost a MERCARI CUSTOMER, if you refuse to do anything for me. JIM Thomson

    1. We are not Mercari, however, our post is meant to help you find the best ways to find customer service solutions with them. We hope our post helps. Cheers, brostocks team

  2. Mercari seems to be impossible to reach. What they tell you to do doesn’t work. Still looking for a form to fill out. I want to ask a question to a person! How is that done? No customer service?

    1. I wrote this piece as both a frequent buyer and seller on Mercari. I’ve had success with contact forms and reaching people over telephone. All I can tell you is be persistent and keep trying.

  3. They been hacked!! They got scammers on there using Meracri as themselves. How do I know this cause they scammed me. They say no one can get in your account wrong they got in mine and deleted the messages they sent and beat it all they say deleted by admin.. Yea they are fraudulent in my opinion..

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