Robinhood Snacks and 5 Other Great Investment Email Newsletters

Disclaimer: BroStocks is a financial entertainment website. We do not offer investing or personal finance advice. None of the investments mentioned below should be considered recommendations. Please do your own research before investing your own money.

The Robinhood investing app launched yet another cool innovation in 2019: Robinhood Snacks, a quick, easy-to-read email newsletter that highlights some of the highest profile stock and investing news of the week. Below we review the Robinhood Snacks newsletter and a few others that regularly show up in the Brostocks inbox.

Robinhood offers a digestible email newsletter on the markets.

Robinhood Snacks

The Robinhood Snacks email newsletter is just like the app itself: visually sleek, newbie-friendly and easy to understand. The newsletter gives you an at-a-glance markets performance roundup including all of the major market indices, as well as bitcoin, of course. It then provides a short, original take on news impacting some Robinhood’s users’ favorite stocks. The newsletter is rounded out by notable highs and lows of stocks. The format and style will be familiar and pleasing to anyone who listens to Marketplace on NPR, with the added benefit of getting a lot of information in less than three minutes read time. You can adjust the frequency to have it come daily or weekly.

Frequency: Daily or Weekly
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Business Insider: 10 Things Before the Opening Bell

Business Insider’s 10 Things Before the Opening Bell is a a great way to quickly see the main events impacting markets from geopolitical flare ups to earnings announcements. Readers can quickly scan the events relevant to them and then click through to longer articles on the topic on Business Insider’s full web site.

Frequency: Weekdays
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Axios Markets

Another relatively recent addition to the investment email newsletter circuit is Axios, perhaps better known for its political insider commentary. Axios Markets typically features five news items of interest across global markets, complemented by original reporting and commentary from professional investors and academics. It’s a slightly longer read with more in-depth information, while still being brief enough to scan through before you finish your first cup of coffee.

Frequency: Weekdays
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Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns is a high quality financial news aggregator that helpfully finds the best writing on investments, trading and economics and categorizes them for quick scans according to the reader’s interest. The range of topics on any given day can be broad, from technical trading ideas, an analysis of debt levels in emerging markets to softer topics like the FIRE movement and best savings accounts. On weekends the topics go really broad to include areas like cars, real estate and sports. The editor links to both mainstream news sites like The Wall Street Journal as well as niche blogs, making it a great place to discover new sources of financial information.

Frequency: Daily
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Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture

Similar to Abnormal Returns, The Big Picture aggregates the most influential links across the investment world, with a bit more pronounced editorial direction, along with original articles from Barry Ritholtz, who regularly appears on CNBC and hosts Bloomberg’s Masters in Business podcast. As a registered financial advisor Barry is great at highlighting the many contradictions in the world of financial advice and generally takes a No BS, opinionated approach to his content designed to benefit financial advisors and retail investors looking to educate themselves.

Frequency: Daily
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Bloomberg Money Stuff

At the opposite end of the spectrum from Robinhood Snacks is the meaty Money Stuff from Bloomberg’s Matt Levine. While many of the topics covered are similar between the two, from Crypto to IPOs and stock buybacks, Matt brings an expansive and skeptical eye to every topic. A single email newsletter can take the good part of an hour to read and fully absorb after following all of his links, which are often footnoted. He will highlight interesting items from other sources, much like Abnormal Returns, but the main area of interest are his multiple long essays that come in each issue. If you’re looking for deep analysis, as opposed to just headlines, this is the newsletter to make you smart.

Frequency: Most weekdays
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