Twitter on the ropes? FTX’s wild management. Warren Buffett’s 11 winning stocks, and Trump Tower NYC in 2022 – BroStocks Weekly Roundup – 11/18/2022

Welcome to another BroStocks Friday newsletter! We explore…could Twitter really be on the ropes? More FTX fallout. A blogger visits an eerie abandoned NYC Trump Tower, and what Jeff Bezos thinks you should do with your family finances.

Stocks & Economy

Musk’s ‘Hardcore’ Ultimatum Sparks Exodus, Leaving Twitter at Risk(Bloomberg)
Coming out of a pandemic where younger knowledge workers are ‘quiet quitting’ and largely preferring remote or hybrid work models, Elon Musk takes the hardened approach. It may be backfiring…

Warren Buffett Makes All His Money From Just 11 Stocks(Investor’s Business Daily)
And he was able to outperform the S&P 500 this year…

EBay proves to be inflation-resistant(Motley Fool)
Something to consider as we strengthen our recession portfolios.

Personal Finance

Black Friday surprise: Jeff Bezos tells people not to buy cars, refrigerators and other big-ticket items. Critics call him out.(MarketWatch)
Jeff Bezos has all the answers for you to survive in these difficult times. 


Missing Employees, a Billion-Dollar Loan, and Emoji Payments: The 9 Most Batsh*t Revelations From FTX’s Bankruptcy Filing(Gizmodo)
This is some pretty stunning stuff. Truly. The company had no system to track who their employees were, and big decisions were made on chat apps that self-delete messages.

Life & Work

How going above and beyond at work became required(BBC)
Sometimes it feels like it’s never enough. Maybe it never is…

Retail & Commerce

Kohl’s ‘is a business whose time has passed,’ analyst says(Yahoo! Finance)
Retail’s permanent rising star suddenly begins to fall.

What the hell is going on at Trump Tower?(Filthy Dreams)
A building that seemed like the center of the universe just a few years back now seems abandoned. We found this fascinating blog post about a visit to Trump Tower in NYC.

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