How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency on Coinbase

My first experience with investing started on a basketball court on a warm summer morning in July of 2019. As the day started to heat up, my brother and I played a game of horse, and he had me sign up for Robinhood. I quickly became obsessed. I made a lot of common mistakes, but I learned a lot too, and just like many other people these days, checking my amateur stock “portfolio” first thing each morning eventually solidified as a routine.

A few weeks later, while sitting at a pool, I spoke with my brother on the phone. It was a Friday and I was complaining about the markets being closed. That is when he told me about cryptocurrency and that fact that you can buy it at any time.  If I could go back to that time, I wouldn’t sell my Dogecoin that I bought for fractions of a penny, I wouldn’t have sold my Bitcoin because it dipped down to $8,000. I would have bought Ethereum when it was less than $200. But you live and you learn, if you look hard enough on the internet, you can find articles with a wide array of opinions about cryptocurrency. There are also many different places to buy crypto, but Coinbase has become a leader in the pack for crypto exchange. Coinbase, which IPO’d in early 2021, has a very user-friendly interface and offers a wide variety of currencies to purchase making it easy for first-time users.

Earning from learning on Coinbase

Screenshot from Coinbase Earn.

Sometime in Spring 2021, I was sitting in an auto shop waiting for my car to be serviced. I was still feeling the malaise from the meteoric rise and fall of Dogecoin. I had recently downloaded Coinbase, and bought a few altcoins. Then I saw something interesting. “Discover ways to earn crypto, start earning.” My first thought was man, I know this is going to just want me to invite my friends and family, and I have already gone down that road with unanswered Robinhood invites. Yes, there were options like that, but to my surprise, there was also an option to watch videos about different types of cryptocurrency, and then earn money after you answer a quiz question based on the video. 

To get started earning rewards (actual crypto) on Coinbase, you have to have a Coinbase account and a linked bank account. If you’re using the app, you’ll click on the rewards section to get started, you can also earn rewards by going to There you will be directed to take a photo of your driver’s license, a quick selfie on the site, then they review your request and will let you know if you are eligible to take part in the program. I was approved within minutes, I think owning a bit of crypto on Coinbase before signing up helps move things a little faster. In order to refamiliarize myself with the process I tried to set a friend up for Coinbase earning, and her approval is still pending (she has not purchased any crypto yet). Either the program has gained popularity, or they are more likely to extend this opportunity to paying customers. 

Screenshot from sample lesson about BarnBridge.

After approval the rest is really easy, you’ll see a whole list of different cryptos to learn about. Typically each video and corresponding question (with a correct answer) will earn you $1-3 worth of that specific crypto, each crypto has about 3-4 videos and questions. The crypto you earn instantly gets credited to your Coinbase account. While sitting at the tire shop, I earned $9 worth of Compound, $10 worth of Stellar Lumens, $3 worth of The Graph, and $3 worth of Amp on that day. I now check Coinbase regularly for new opportunities and have since earned $3 worth of BarnBridge. I think the coolest part of this experience for me was the actual learning. As a teacher by trade, I appreciated the way the videos were set up. I felt excited after watching the videos, and I honestly learned a lot. Another plus to this is if you don’t want to keep what you earned, you can trade it out for another crypto of your choice within your portfolio. If you are looking for a fun way to learn more about crypto, and to earn a few bucks (with the potential of growth) while you’re at it, then try out this excellent feature within Coinbase. Get started on Coinbase Earn today!


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